Signal Analysis
Trend analysis
Navigate seamlessly
through your signals
System analysis
Create block diagrams
for system analysis
Import signal files
Import signals from
Messhaus CSV or MES
SQL database
Block library
Build from the
library of available
blocks and subsystems
XY analysis
Use drag-and-drop to
create XY graphs
3D analysis
… and create
3D histograms
in a single click
Batch processing
Use drag-and-drop
to process
multiple signals
Edit a change
Define Views to
temporarily change
signal properties
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Signal Analysis

A versatile tool for analysing trends and building simple block diagrams. It's built around our (in-house developed) highly efficient annotated signal file format (ASZ-file). Originally developed for power plant control/commissioning engineers, it's now a useful tool for anyone working in the field of signal analysis.

>> Key features

Import signals from:

Units can be converted upon import. This feature is not available to ASCII and CSV files.

Export signals to:

Have a file format you would like to import? Just make a request stating the format specification with at least one example file and we will implement the functionality for free!

Order your Signal Analysis tool today for just €599 with one year service agreement including help desk and software updates.

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